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Greenwood Lake Airport      126 Airport Road      West Milford, NJ 07480
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January 1, 2010


1. New Renters will be required to go through a checkout that will consist of flying on two separate days for a total of two hours flight time combined.

2. I will return the aircraft at the agreed time, weather permitting. In the event I am unable to do so, I will inform Sky Training, LLC by telephone. If the aircraft can not be returned due to poor flight planning, I will pay Sky Training, LLC daily minimums while the aircraft is away.

3. I will observe all Federal, State, and Local rules and regulations governing the use and operation of this plane.

4. I will comply with all Manufacturer's recommendations concerning aircraft performance and limitations, i.e. weight & balance, CG Loading, crosswind component, takeoff and landing distance, etc.

5. I will carry all proper documents and certificates and produce on demand, all certificates required for each rental.

6. I will agree to perform a thorough pre-flight on the aircraft prior to each departure and that the aircraft will not depart unless found to be satisfactory.

7. I will fly in VFR flight conditions only and I will be on the ground before sunset. If I wish to fly at night or with instruments, I agree to be checked out for the night or instrument rating. Night and Instrument policies apply.

8. I agree that in the event I should encounter mechanical difficulty while away from Sky Training, LLC, I will call for authorization of repairs.

9. I agree that each flight will be properly planned with regard to the latest publications and charts and that a complete analysis of present and forecasted weather will be made. I agree that the flight will not depart unless the forecast is satisfactory for that flight and the return flight.

10. I agree that no one other than myself is allowed to pilot or fly this aircraft, and that the aircraft will not be used to give or receive instruction, other than with an approved Sky Training, LLC CFI.

11. I agree that the aircraft will be locked and secured to the ground when not in use. Controls must be secured. A $10 fee will be charged if aircraft is not properly secured.

12. I will keep an accurate log of all take-off and arrival times and stops. I will keep all fuel receipts and turn them in at the flight desk on return. Flight time on all flights is determined by the Hobbs meter installed on the aircraft. In case of a Hobbs discrepancy, I will have the difference noted by dispatch prior to departure; otherwise, I will pay for the time.

13. I will only fly to airports that provide mechanical services and fuel. If I fly to an airport without these provisions, I will pay for any travel time & costs that would occur.

14. I will only land at approved and established airports with paved 2500' of runway, unless in an emergency. Andover Airport, NJ and Warwick Airport, NY are examples.

15. I further understand that I am responsible for all landing, take-off, parking, and storage fees, while away from Greenwood Lake Airport.

16. Sky Training, LLC reserves the right to cancel any flight for any reason at any time.

17. I agree to stay current with Sky Training, LLC, 60 day checkout in the following airplanes: C-172, C172SP, C172R, C172RG, 125 total time, 10 hours complex, 5 hours MM and checkout by Sky Training, LLC CFI.

New Private Pilots must fly within 30 days to stay current with Sky Training, LLC for the first year.

18. I will not taxi around tie down areas, but will taxi in front of the tie down and push the airplane back using a tow bar or pushing on the struts, hubs of the prop, or wing. NO PUSHING ON THE TAIL SECTIONS! A $10 fee will be charged if a tow-bar is not used.

19. I will pay Sky Training, LLC in full on the return of the aircraft.

20. Daily Minimums: Weekdays - 3 hours, Weekends Saturday or Sunday - 4 hours. Renter pilot will be charged 50% of the time scheduled of daily minimums, which ever is less.

21. I will give Sky Training, LLC 24 hours notice if I decide to cancel, MON-FRI, and 48 hours, SAT-SUN. If not, I will be charged for the aircraft and the instructor for the time scheduled. Aircraft will not be held for more than 20 minutes from the time scheduled and would then be charged a NO SHOW fee.

22. I understand that all the aircraft at Sky Training, LLC are not and will not be used for charter work or to be used for compensation.

23. Insurance Policy: Renters must carry the following minimum renter's insurance.

a. $40,000 minimum liability insurance. i.e. personal injury and property damage.
b. $40,000 minimum non-owned physical damage coverage (hull insurance)

A copy of the renter's insurance certificate or declarations page must be current and kept on file at Sky Training, LLC.

• Renter understands that Sky Training, LLC may elect to make renter's insurance as the primary or secondary coverage in case of an accident.
• Renter understands that they are responsible for business interruption due to their negligence causing aircraft damage.


24. Renters must keep a credit card number or security deposit of $1000 on file. I will be charged for the following after a ten day grace period:
a. If my account goes over its limit.
b. No Shows
c. Pay the insurance deductible, if the airplane is damaged.
d. Daily minimums.
e. Security for after-hours rentals.
f. Landing and airport fees other than at Greenwood Lake Airport.
g. Non-returned rental headsets.

25. No smoking in or around aircraft.

26. No dispatching aircraft before or after business hours. Renters will be charged a $25.00 per hour service fee for any dispatching done before or after business hours.

27. I understand that should a discrepancy become known during my flight, I will turn in a discrepancy sheet at the end of my flight to the dispatcher. Each aircraft has a discrepancy sheet in it. I also understand that I will check the can before each flight to be sure there is a blank discrepancy sheet in it.

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Renter's Name: _______________________________________

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