Introductory Flights

Dreaming about flying? 

When you see an airplane in the sky, do you imagine what it would be like to be the pilot?

You could be! - Make the dream a reality!

Our instructors will guide you through the flying experience from start to finish. There is an approx. 30 minute ground orientation & post briefing, followed by approx. 45 min flight around beautiful Greenwood Lake. Once up in the air you will be able to fly the plane as guided by your instructor, and truly enjoy the magic of a birds eye view. Your introductory flight will count towards your first flight hours!

$224 (1 person) / $448 (2 people)

Sales Tax & 15% Gratuity additional

Limit 1 per person
Must be at least 15 years old with parent's consent

Introductory Flight for One 

Introductory Flight for Two

                                                        Photo by Gina Monego

Photos by Kyle Botblye

Photo by John Candy