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Sky Training, LLC is one of the most unique flight schools you can train at! Located in West Milford, NJ you have the best of both worlds. Your training will be over the beautiful lush forests of North Jersey and Greenwood Lake; the largest lake in the region with half in New Jersey and half in New York. New York City is only a forty five minute drive away and is a perfect day trip for those students moving to the area. Being located at a small, untowered field gives you a relaxed training atmosphere while you start out. Sitting just outside of Class B airspace, you will learn to fly in one of the busiest air spaces around. Talking to towers and New York Tracon during your training will give you confidence in your skills once you are out and flying on your own. Included in your flight training is a lesson that incorporates the Special Flight Rules Area of the Hudson River Corridor and allows you training in one of the most dense aviation hubs of the United States. Also recommended for our students is a few hours of glass cockpit time to help you transisition into the modern aircraft of today. 



AOPA is offering a loan program to allow pilots to pursue their initial license and additional ratings!

Information on the program can be found on the AOPA site.  


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See what some of our customers have said:  

  • Worth the money. Great experience for a first time small engine flier. Would recommend to people of all ages! January 25, 2015
  • My boyfriend loved it and is hooked! December 14, 2014
  • Crew was awesome. Went over everything on the plane. once at cruising altitude you get to take over. Exhilarating experience. October 20, 2014
  • Excellent and instructors are very nice and highly professionals..worth every penny and its awesome experience. October 12, 2014
  • Awesome, got to try it to know ..... Great/quiet/nice airport, really friendly staff.... September 27, 2014
  • The staff is very helpful and nice. My dad really enjoyed it. We are planning to go back for more lessons! Thank you !! :) September 21, 2014 
  • Friendly, proffesional, and very accomodating. My husband and I ran a little late due to traffic, and they were able to re-arrange our time. My husband had a great experience, even our kids had an amazing experience. We will def come back June 08, 2014
  • It's a good place, staff is friendly and nice, instructors are very nice and patient as well. I would go again. June 08, 2014
  • Peter is amazing June 08, 2014
  • They were incredibly flexible with the scheduling ang generous with their time & knowledge. Great people. Great fun! May 10, 2014
  • Excellent experience!! April 05, 2014
  • They are a very good company, loved the customer service. Unfortunately I needed to reschedule due to inclement weather but they definitely were very helpful in rescheduling. The pilot was very nice and knowledgeable. Definitely recommend it! December 14, 2013


Located at Beautiful Greenwood Lake Airport


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New York City Special Flight Rules Area
Flying the Hudson River? It is now manditory that you take an online test. Click here to take the test.





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